Wider Wallet Benefits Hub

Wider Wallet is an exciting employee discount site, providing your employees with privileged access to a tempting package of discounts and benefits.

Whether you’re a small business, a large employer or a membership association, Wider Wallet provides an exciting and effective way of rewarding the people who matter to you.

What you’ll get with Wider Wallet Benefits Hub

Full range of benefits

Comprehensive range of benefits to maximise employee engagement.

Access anywhere

Optimised for mobile, reaching employees not in front of a computer.

Bespoke marketing

Dual branded marketing package designed to maximise take-up.

MI Reporting

Intelligent management information insights available when you choose.

Add your own benefits

Populate existing employee benefits - whoever the provider - at no extra cost!

Information centre

Create a virtual HR resource by adding your company policies and procedures.


We were originally attracted by the convenience of Wider Wallet – both in terms of its easy accessibility, and inclusion of all of our employee benefits and discounts in the same portal. We are pleased to report that our employees are finding the portal very user friendly, and are happy to have access to such a wide range of discounts.

World Vision
Just looking for a simple and effective staff discounts platform? Lifestyle Discounts provides a wide range of better-than-public deals — an ideal option for employers who want to introduce a quick and easy voluntary benefit.
If you decide that you want to switch to a full benefits platform its simple to upgrade to the Benefits Hub.