Bring all your employee benefits together

Our Wider Wallet Benefits Hub is a dynamic, secure and versatile platform. The Hub integrates all of your chosen salary sacrifice schemes, staff rewards and wellbeing campaigns in one place.

The Hub is an effective means of promoting your organisation’s culture, rewarding employees, building loyalty and boosting morale. This, in turn increases staff retention and makes you a competitive employer in the recruitment market.

Our range of employee benefits


We were originally attracted by the convenience of Wider Wallet – both in terms of its easy accessibility, and inclusion of all of our employee benefits and discounts in the same portal. We are pleased to report that our employees are finding the portal very user friendly, and are happy to have access to such a wide range of discounts.

World Vision

Accessible and reliable

Our Wider Wallet Benefits Hub delivers a fully integrated solution built within a single platform, which is accessible online via computer, smart phone or tablet. Our products are hosted on dedicated hardware within a resilient infrastructure, incorporating regular backups and a guaranteed 99.99% network uptime.
Our in-house development team and strict development processes ensure that our products are robust and any changes can be implemented quickly to keep up with improvements to security and technology.