An easy way for employees to buy additional annual leave, making that all-important work/life balance more achievable.

Your staff will really appreciate this simple and flexible way to buy more time. The scheme works through salary sacrifice, with employees agreeing to a reduction in pay in exchange for receiving additional holiday.

We provide a fully-managed service, including completing salary sacrifice agreements and providing you with clear HR and payroll information. Simply decide how many days of annual leave you would like your employees to be allowed to buy and we’ll handle the rest.

You retain control over when your employees may take their annual leave and how many days they can take in one stretch. You can even choose timescales for employee registrations to fit neatly with your holiday year.

HolidayFlex can be operated as a stand-alone benefit or integrated into any existing benefits package. With savings on your overall salary bill and your employees having more free time at their disposal, this is a great way to achieve the feel-good factor all round.

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Key benefits of HolidayFlex

  • Tailor the scheme to fit your operational plans.
  • Complements flexible working policies.
  • Reduces your annual salary bill.
  • Can be used as an alternative to pay cuts or redundancies.
  • Promotes a happier and more productive workforce.

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