Wider Wellbeing provides a one-stop-shop for all your health and wellbeing benefits, as well as the support and motivation to help employees achieve a healthier way of life.


…with ‘My Goals’

My Goals

Inspire employees to improve one area of their life at a time with online advice and a downloadable goal tracker

…with ‘Community’


A library of articles related to a wide range of wellbeing topics to inspire change. Each article is downloadable and comes with a tracker to measure success and identify areas for change.


…with Everyday Advice Line

Everyday Advice Line

Wider Plan’s employee assistance programme Everyday Advice Line offers email counselling and telephone support 24/7.

…with ‘Planning and Care’

Planning and Care

Increase take up of your health and wellbeing benefits by making them easily accessible via Wider Wellbeing. Or, if you don’t offer additional benefits and insurances, Wider Wellbeing provides clear generic information to help employees make good choices as individual healthcare customers.


…with workshops


Watch your employees thrive and reach their goals with wellbeing workshops on topics of your choice, such as mindfulness or stress management.

…with coaching


Offering additional support through periods of organisational change can help to maintain employee commitment and engagement.

To see your organisation succeed, call : 0800 612 6110, or email : business.enquiries@widerplan.com.