A simple solution to long-service awards or an effective ongoing motivation scheme, Wider Rewards is designed to make employees smile.

Wider Rewards is a flexible employee reward scheme, designed to meet your individual recognition objectives and your organisation’s values. Recognition is one of the best methods of improving work motivation and employee engagement.

The scheme consists of different reward elements which can each stand alone or which you can mix-and-match to design your ideal package. With rewards being available quickly and simply, employees’ behaviour is recognised and reinforced as soon as possible. With a wide range of options from peer-to-peer thanks to gift cards, vouchers and even our reward catalogue, Wider Rewards offers something for everyone.

Start rewarding your employees today!

Key benefits of Wider Rewards

  • An easy-to-implement reward programme suitable for ad hoc gifts and ongoing rewards.
  • Reward notifications can be personalised with your branding and a bespoke message.
  • Employees can exchange their rewards for a wide range of gift cards and e-vouchers.
  • Convenient redemption options, so employees can spend their rewards at their leisure.
  • We also offer discounted bulk orders of gift cards for a wide range of retailers.

With a wide choice of scheme options, Wider Rewards aims to satisfy everyone’s tastes, so you can be sure that every penny spent on staff rewards is enjoyed to the full.


Peer-to-Peer Thanks is designed to help employers encourage a culture of recognition throughout their organisation. Being recognised for hard work and achievements not only motivates employees, it also increases engagement and productivity.

Recipients of a “Thank you” email, can be entered in to a prize draw or you could choose to reward your most-thanked employees. We can provide and distribute the prizes, so all you need to do is set your reward budget. Alternatively Peer-to-peer Thanks can be implemented purely as a non-financial reward – you’ll be surprised just how much difference a simple thank you makes.

Reward Now

Reward Now provides a facility for line managers to allocate instant rewards to their team members, to reinforce desirable behaviour and congratulate achievements. Reward Now includes e-vouchers, online codes and personalised certificates which can be issued instantly for the swiftest employee recognition.

Reward Now allows line managers to manage their reward budget and easily see who they have rewarded and when.

High Street

High Street gift cards are a positive and flexible way to recognise and reward desirable behaviour amongst your workforce. High Street rewards can be fulfilled quickly and simply to ensure employees’ behaviour is recognised and reinforced as soon as possible.

Multi-retailer cards allow an employee a broader choice when spending their reward and are available as a reloadable and branded option. Delivery of gift cards can be to a single address or multiple sites, to individuals or organisations, and bulk orders of single-retailer cards often attract a discount.

Gift Select

Wider Rewards Gift Select is a flexible points-based reward scheme which can be customised to meet your ongoing reward and recognition objectives. The scheme is available to suit a wide range of budgets and employee demographics.

Employees are awarded points which can be redeemed online for a range of gifts. The points can be saved up so the employee can work towards a wish-list, promoting ongoing engagement and motivation. Items selected from the Gift Select catalogue are delivered free of charge.

Why not use Wider Rewards for seasonal occasions?

Whether you’re looking for a simple festive gift scheme or a more complex ongoing scheme, we help to ensure it’s rewarding for both you and your employees.

  • A wide range of gifts suitable for any budget.
  • Easy to implement for ad hoc gifts and ongoing rewards.
  • Guidance on tax and National Insurance implications.
  • Personal messages and company branding.

For more information about Wider Rewards call us on Call Wider Rewards: 0800 612 9015 to speak to our sales team or email us at Email Wider Rewards: business.enquiries@widerplan.com