A Government outsourcing partner

Wider Plan is proud to be recognised as a Government outsourcing partner. Since September 2016 we have administered the Nursery Milk Scheme on behalf of the Department of Health, entitling under 5s at school and childcare settings to free milk.

After a detailed contract hand over, we built a new secure system with an innovative process designed to administer Nursery Milk reimbursements within the legislative guidelines of the scheme.

For innovative system design, on-budget development build and administration services, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Wider Plan has actively managed the process from inception, with innovative and secure systems and flexible customer service. Overall Wider Plan has provided an excellent standard of service.

Department of Health

Public Sector digital developments

Public sector organisation can access Wider Plan’s expertise in digital developments via the Digital Outcomes & Specialists framework.

Wider Plan digital developments include designing, building and administrating bespoke services.

Digital marketplace

Bacs Bureau service

With annual childcare voucher sales exceeding £100 million, Wider Plan specialises in handling high volume financial transactions. As a Bacs Approved Bureau we also have facilities to process payments from third party bank accounts. Talk to us about processing your payroll or supplier payments, for a quick cost-effective solution.

Our Contingency Service provides you with the back up to your own in-house payment system or bureau service provider. Never miss a payment deadline again with our emergency back-up cover.

Bacs approved bureau