Taking care of your key workers during COVID-19

Every organisation has their own key workers and teams to thank. Successful businesses rely on a staffing structure and delegation. Although you may have specific staff assigned to manage departments or projects, all staff are key; and you should recognise that each member’s role within the organisation contributes to your success.

With this in mind, what can you do to take care of your key workers during COVID-19? Here are 3 strategies that are vital in recognising key workers.

Happy employee

1. Employee engagement

During extended periods of working from home regular communications will help your staff feel part of your organisation. Whether a personal email to an individual or an all staff email sharing achievements and success can go a long way to motivating those who may be feeling distant from the usual office environment.

We are no longer able to rely on the office chit chat for news to spread throughout the organisation, now is the time to implement regular communications to staff, teams and individuals to keep everyone engaged.

Many offices are social environments. Keep your staff engaged not only with formal updates, but with fun and social ideas too. The most common idea seems to be holding quizzes via video call - why not give it a try?

2. Peer to peer recognition

Working from home does not mean you have to work in complete isolation. Thanks to online video conferencing teams and departments can very much still work together. But in the current situation, it’s not possible to show your appreciation to someone by going to see them to say thanks or make them a coffee. Saying thank you with a personalised ecard has more meaning than a standard email, giving both sender and receiver the reward of recognition.

It’s also harder for HR departments and team leaders to recognise who is going the extra mile to support their colleagues. Implementing a peer to peer recognition system not only gives the organisation the visibility of everyone's achievements, it maintains team’s morale, engages individuals and celebrates individual achievements.

3. Rewards and awards

The ultimate way of showing key workers you care is by rewarding them. Rewards do not have to be budget busting. With some imagination, the smallest tokens can give the biggest smiles. Whether a giftcard, e-code, flowers, or hamper there is a ‘thank you’ that can fit any budget and let your employees know you appreciate them now more than ever.

For more information on providing Wider Rewards to your employees, please contact us.