Comprehensive wellbeing for your employees

With a realistic and understanding approach, Wider Wellbeing makes it easy for employees to work towards a happier, healthier way of life.

Our Wider Wellbeing platform drives a clear message to employees; that you care. Use Wider Wellbeing to inspire, engage and encourage your employees to succeed in their wellbeing goals. With helpful tools and insightful articles, employees can source tips and morale all in one place.

It feels good to give, and we want to give you access to one of our Wider Wellbeing articles: “14 Reasons to be cheerful”.

Our community at Wider Plan is as strong as ever. With employees remote working, we want to make sure that we stay connected and keep morale high. We’ve pulled together and discussed what we are cheerful for during the coronavirus pandemic.

Say “no!” to doom and gloom, and take proactive steps to be consciously grateful during these unusual times.

  1. Introverts, it’s your time to shine! Now is the time where you can enjoy spending time at home, without having to feel guilty.
  2. Slowing down and taking some time out. Life can get so hectic. Days soon turn into weeks and, before you know it, you’re looking back wondering where the time has gone. Use this time to slow down and recharge your batteries.
  3. Having the opportunity to spend more time with those you live with. How often are you all able to sit down and spend quality time together? How wonderful that you are able to spend more time with those around you. Cooking, playing games or exercising together when usually you might have opposing schedules.
  4. Being able to implement new routines. Finding the time to get on top of things, or start something new, is often tricky. Now you can get ahead and implement new strategies to help your future self. For example, introducing breakfast or a new cleaning rota.
  5. Being able to get things done around your home. How long have you been meaning to decorate that room, sort through those belongings or put those shelves up?
  6. Learning new skills. Ever fancied trying your hand at a craft, learning to bake decadent meals or turn to academia? With ample time on your hands, try something new!
  7. Having the time to cook properly. We are all guilty of hopping onto the phone to the local take away when we just cannot muster the energy to cook after a long day. Being at home may mean that you can really take your time, and cook your meals with effort and love. You might try and make the dough for your pizza, make your own bread or try more advanced recipes!
  8. Feeling able to face the day bare-faced. Whilst some feel more productive to continue to dress up for the day, some are grateful for the opportunity not to wear any makeup. Skin will feel renewed!
  9. With drastically reduced traffic for just a few weeks, wildlife has flourished. Birdsong can be heard clearly, the skies are clearer and the air is cleaner.
  10. Saving money on fuel/travel. With the cost of getting around being so high, saving on this expense will enable you to save harder, or spend the money where it is most needed.
  11. If you are working from home, feeling thankful to have jobs that enable you to self-isolate with job security.
  12. While we experience the benefits of our planet resting from the usual pollution our daily activities make, now is the time to identify the positive changes we can make to our “normal” lives so we can continue to enjoy seeing our environment flourish.
  13. Seeing the community spirit is alive and well from ”clapping our carers” on a Thursday evening to supporting local initiatives to help the vulnerable, seeing everyone pull together is a reason to be thankful.
  14. Having good health. If you are home safe and well, having good health is the most cherished reason to feel cheerful of all.

We are all experiencing good and bad days during this strange time we are living through. By taking a few moments each day to think of a reason to be cheerful, you will have a positive impact on your wellbeing. For extra tips on boosting your mood, see “5 ways to wellbeing”!

We can also enable you to provide your employees with an Employee Advice Line (EAL), to use in conjunction with your Wider Wellbeing platform, promoting that you go the extra mile to look after the wellbeing of your workforce.

For more information on how to bring full access to our wellbeing resources to your employees, please contact us.