Supporting employees getting back to work

For many, 2020 will have been their hardest year to date. The stresses that Covid-19 has brought, whether it be ill-health, monetary or otherwise, are countless. Even if your staff were not on furlough, partners, family members or house mates may well have been, putting additional pressures on your valuable personnel.

Now that workplaces are starting to re-open, to welcome back furloughed staff or those who have been working from home, it is important to maintain your employees’ trust and help them to feel safe.

So, what can you do to support your employees?

Follow government guidelines.

Research what is required of you as an employer, and implement the necessary to ensure that a 2 meter distance is kept between employees (or at least 1 meter). You may also require a deep office clean before re-opening.

Ask employees for their opinion on other precautions that will make them feel safe.

Once you have provided employees with information on your current safety measures, also think about asking employees if there are any other measures that they would like in place. Involving employees during this process may help them to feel in control of their working environment, and may ultimately improve their attitude toward going back to the workplace.

Keep communication channels open.

It is important to remember that, just because employees are back in the workplace and following guidelines and procedures, that does not mean that concerns or worries will not arise. Keep your channels of communication open for employees to express any negative feelings and for you to support them through this difficult time.

How can employee benefits help?

Financial benefits.

Many people may have fallen upon financial hardship and employer supported loans, via payroll, are a cost effective way for your staff to borrow money without interest.

Employee discounts.

In addition to enhancing employee retention, discounts at high street stores and brands is another great way to help salaries stretch further.

Flexible working.

As the government encourages us to get back to work, it has come at a time when parents must find childcare for the school holidays that may not be open; fees may even be completely unmanageable after a time of unemployment or furlough. Flexible working is a handy solution.

Buying additional annual leave.

In addition to flexible working, offering employees the opportunity to purchase additional leave through their salary will also help to alleviate time management pressures. Whilst employees make savings on tax and National Insurance contributions (NI), you will also generate NI savings for each member on the scheme; often negating the administration fee and leaving you with some extra generated income.

For any further information on employee benefits, please contact us.