Our guide to a prosperous 2020

Give the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas, by investing in your employees’ wellbeing.

Employee engagement is all about helping employees to feel involved in, and enthusiastic about, your organisation. The more engaged employees feel, the more likely they are to work efficiently and effectively to support your organisation’s interests. Keeping your workforce happy can reduce employee absence, increase employee retention and keep your business productivity high.

Schemes to help you prosper

Make your employees cheer

Wider Wallet Benefits Hub

By keeping all of your benefits information in one place, you will be making the process of joining new and existing schemes quick and convenient for your employees.

A single home for your benefits package encourages employees to use and appreciate their benefits - improving engagement and productivity for your business. We can demonstrate a platform customised with your branding which helps to promote your organisation’s culture and values.

Remember, the more employees use their benefits package in their normal spending, the more they’ll appreciate the support you provide and that makes them feel better about work.

Wider Wallet Lifestyle Discounts

By providing employees with discounts which they wouldn’t be able to access as an individual, the discounts can boost their emotional attachment to work, which is known to enhance employee engagement.

Discounts are available in a range of formats including gift cards, e-codes, digital vouchers and cashback to cater for a range of employee demographics.

Encouraging employees to use the discounts as part of their everyday spending will result in large savings over the year, making January the perfect time to implement the scheme.

Our schemes are designed to be flexible. Wider Wallet Lifestyle Discounts can be provided as a stand alone product or as part of the Wider Wallet Benefits Hub, enabling you to choose a product to suit your budget and business needs.


We found that over 60% of parents save more with childcare vouchers than with Tax-Free Childcare. You can continue to provide this benefit for as long as your current members’ children are still eligible for the scheme.

Childcare vouchers can also:

  • Help you to retain high quality staff.
  • Make it more financially viable for parents to achieve a work/life balance, reducing the costs of staff turnover.

We have also gone the extra mile and opened KiddiVouchers to every employee as a Net scheme for childcare budgeting. More information about this is available via our sales team.

Workplace Bikes

Workplace Bikes can contribute to workforce wellbeing, assist with congestion, parking issues and help minimise carbon footprint. Exercise is known to boost mood and morale. Encouraging employees to cycle to work helps create a positive and productive working environment.

We provide this scheme at £0 charge, whilst you still make savings via National Insurance contributions for each member on the scheme.


Buying additional annual leave allows employees a better work/life balance. It also makes it possible to plan special holidays, and reduces the difficulties of school holiday childcare.

As a business this scheme helps to make your employees feel valued, appreciated and have more control over their time; to further enhance productivity.

Any cost for the operation of this scheme is often offset by the reduction in your annual salary bill.

Wider Rewards

Wider Rewards makes it easy for you to celebrate employees’ achievements, to recognise where employees have made an extra effort and to spread goodwill. Encouraging a culture of recognition and gratitude throughout your organisation helps to create a cohesive and loyal workforce.

Our “Peer-to-Peer” Thanks product enables employees to send thank you e-cards to their colleagues instantly. Employee of the month awards and prize draws provide a tangible extension to the scheme.

Using “Reward Now”, you can provide employees with a gift card that can be redeemed at multiple retailers. As an option to suit all budgets, Reward Now can be used for long service awards, sales incentives or one-off rewards.

When people feel valued, healthy and able to live their lives to the fullest, both they and the organisations they work for reap the benefits.

Industry change and potential impact

With an ever evolving transition from offline to online applications, we can provide your employees with easy to use automated systems. The quicker employees are able to access their benefits, the more likely that they are to use them.

We also take on the day to day administration for any scheme that we provide to you. The future of your scheme may depend on Government legislation and, in instances where legislation is changed (for example, to the limit on the value of cycles), you can rely on us to keep your scheme up to date.

For a comprehensive overview of our full range of staff benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact us page.