Abacus Voucher Solutions allows employers to operate their own in-house childcare voucher scheme by issuing a full set of documents which can be easily customised to suit the organisation.

Using the documentation provided, you as the employer must:

  • Inform your workforce of the scheme at least once per year
  • Process applications from employees and childcare providers, including checking eligibility for compliance with HMRC rules
  • Effectively reduce employees’ salary by the required amount of vouchers
  • Process payments to employees’ nominated childcare providers
  • Retain appropriate records of childcare voucher transactions

Everything you need to know about operating an in-house childcare voucher scheme can be found within the “Employer’s guide” which will be provided along with the rest of the scheme documents.

Already running an Abacus scheme?

On 1st July 2015, the operation of Abacus Voucher Solutions transferred from Plain Solutions LLP to Wider Plan Ltd. If you are an existing Abacus customer and would like any support for your in-house childcare voucher scheme, or if you require further copies of scheme documentation, please contact us on Call Wider Plan: 0800 612 6110 or email abacus@widerplan.com.

Is Abacus the right scheme for my organisation?

The Abacus model is best suited to employers who have the time and technical expertise to understand the intricacies of running their own childcare voucher scheme. Abacus tends to appeal to small organisations whose priority is to implement a scheme at low cost and whose employees have fairly static childcare needs.

What are the alternatives?

Wider Plan is also home to the award-winning KiddiVouchers scheme, a fully-managed childcare voucher service which is cost-effective for organisations of all sizes.

KiddiVouchers, an award-winning, fully-managed, childcare voucher service

Benefits of KiddiVouchers:

  • Easy implementation – Scheme documents are provided ready to use, with no need for you to make your own amendments. Employees can sign up and start saving straight away.
  • Flexible payments to carers – Employees can mix-and-match paper and e-vouchers, regular and ad-hoc payments via their online account or through our free telephone helpline, without any input from their employer.
  • Flexible salary sacrifice arrangements – Employees can easily change their voucher amount, without involving their employer in paperwork.
  • Easy-to-use online accounts for both employer and employee – Employees can keep track of their voucher orders, salary sacrifice agreements and payments to childcare providers. Employers can easily view scheme members and invoices, and have instant access to our guidance documents.
  • Fully-managed service – We will handle all employee registrations, carer registrations, eligibility checks, voucher orders and payments to carers. We can also assist with basic earnings assessments, tax credit advice and template documents for seeking HMRC approval for your scheme.

If you would like to discuss setting up a new KiddiVouchers scheme or migrating your current childcare voucher scheme to KiddiVouchers then please call us on : 0800 612 6110 quoting “Abacus”.

To sign up for Abacus Voucher Solutions, simply phone : 0800 612 6110 or email abacus@widerplan.com for a quote.